New, Free Virtual Classes

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Scroll down for all of our classes as well as our dance and inclusion stories, and relaxation for parents and carers.

Alice in Wonderland & Maths Theme

Inclusive Alice in Wonderland & maths themed dance class

Cheshire Cat chromatography experiment!

Sensory talking flowers crafts

Madame Butterfly Theme

Inclusive Madame Butterfly themed dance class

Flying butterflies experiment!

Make your own sensory butterflies

Human Body Theme

Inclusive Human Body themed dance class

Make a Stethoscope!

Make your own dancing skeletons!

Firebird & Nature Theme

Inclusive Firebird & Nature themed dance class

Feather Experiment!

Make your own Firebird!

Alien Worlds Theme

Inclusive Alien Worlds themed dance class

Make a Sound Sensor!

Make an Alien!

‘Coppélia’ Inventing Theme

Inclusive ‘Coppélia’ Inventing themed dance class

Make a roller!

Sensory Bottles!

Stories of Dance & Inclusion

Written by our volunteers, read by celebrities! 

Free & Accessible Resources

We know it’s an unsettling time but at Flamingo Chicks, we’ve got your back! Here’s what else we’re offering:

RESOURCES: A compilation of free, regularly updated online resources.

SMILE CALLS: via Skype, WhatsApp or Facetime for families needing a boost!

SOCIAL STORY: helpful for explaning the Coronavirus to children with additional needs.