Volunteering at Flamingo Chicks has hand on heart been the most eye opening and rewarding experience.


I came to Flamingo Chicks at quite a hard point in my life. I had recently dropped out of my 1st year University and at 23, I was left feeling genuinely lost and not sure how or where to restart my career path. I decided to volunteer with Flamingo Chicks as I had already had bits and bobs of experience with children and thought it would be a good start. Little did I know that through volunteering in Leeds, I realised how rewarding it was for both me and the children! Flamingo Chicks has kick-started my momentum in working with children and I have taken so many steps since volunteering to get back on my feet. The children who I work with are the reason I have followed a career path working with children with special needs. They deserve any support they can get and I found it came naturally to me.


Flamingo Chicks has helped me so much and I cannot thank the charity enough for their support for volunteers.


What I love about Flamingo Chicks is that they empower and celebrate each and every child, supporting them to engage in dance and movement. As a volunteer, I follow Flamingo Chicks’ core belief that any child can express themselves through dance and I always support their progress! At Flamingo Chicks, no child is left out and we will always adapt activities for all.


It’s been heart warming getting to know the children, being part of their day and learning how to support them. Flamingo Chicks creatively encourage children to be active through fascinating themes for the sessions, incorporating sensory props such as ribbons and scarves too! The music used is always suiting and can vary from soothing classical to jazzy!


I am thoroughly looking forward to the future themes and props and how the children continue to be immersed in dance.


Flamingo Chicks has changed my outlook as a volunteer as I have learnt how important it is to focus on the positives and what the children CAN do, instead of what they can’t!


Thank you Flamingo Chicks from myself and all the volunteers and children, as you are just fantastic!


Charlotte Devlin