Our annual fundraising campaign, the May 100, is back for another year!

The coronavirus pandemic has seen a surge for our work but at a time where our traditional fundraising has come to a halt.

In ‘normal times’ 65% of families with disabled children report feeling isolated frequently or all of the time and we know Covid-19 is taking a huge toll.

Our new virtual classes have been a great success with 20,000 views and families telling us they are a life-line and make them feel part of a community again.

We need to be there for our families now more than ever!

It’s simple, we want to recruit 100 people and mobilise each of them to do something active for Flamingo Chicks this May. This can be an individual activity or done as a group.

It’s important you follow current safety guidance in regards to coronavirus and social distancing to stay safe and have fun.

We also want to encourage people to nominate friends, colleagues and locked-down family members to take part or take on their own challenges.

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