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Time to get active for Flamingo Chicks…
May 100 is back!

Every year, our annual ‘May 100’ challenge sees 100 people getting active either as individuals or as part of a group! We’re always amazed by the wonderful things people come up with from horse riding in tutus, running or cycling 100km during the month, or a one hundred Plié challenge! Last year we collectively raised an incredible £38,000, making a massive difference to Flamingo Chicks, and enabling us to get 11,000+ disabled children dancing each year!

We’re passionate about tackling social isolation through dance. Our latest research (February 2024) shows 45% of disabled children feel lonely regularly, with 15% feeling lonely every single day. That means 270,000 disabled young people in the UK feel alone 365 days a year.
HELP CHANGE THIS! Get involved in May 100 2024 and help us tackle loneliness head on, providing new, inclusive opportunities for disabled children and their families.

How can you take part?

As May approaches, we try to bring in new participants and keep the creativity and energy up so now is the time to start thinking about your challenge! Those taking part report a significant boost to their mental and physical health.

You can set up your own challenge, or take part in one of the events already running.

Please contact [email protected] to find out more and join in!


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some examples of previous fundraising challenges and activities below you could participate in.

Walking 100km throughout May

Last year, 14-year-old Issy, who is autistic, was determined to inspire other disabled people that they too can get active and how important exercise is for physical and mental wellbeing. She walked 100km throughout May and raised a whopping £999!

Issy’s mum Julie said “She’s only gone and done it! Issy has completed her May 100 challenge walking 100km (62.1 miles) across 29 days in May. It’s been hard at times but I’ve seen true determination and a love of achieving a target along the way. We are literally bursting with pride. She’s stronger, she’s fitter and to top it off she’s completed the volunteering part of her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. This young lady inspires us and reminds us of what is possible with love.

Cook Family Challenge

The Cook Family united for a series of challenges to get out and get active and raise £270! Ella and her Grampy, Gary, who is a full-time carer swam 100 lengths every week of May. Dad Tim ran 100km through May and Maisie, who is just a toddler, took on her own 100 song danceathon throughout the month!

Gary says; “For Flamingo Chicks May 100 I decided to challenge myself to do 100 swimming lengths every week of May. This challenge gave me the push to get out and work on my fitness, doing the May challenge has improved my physical health by getting me back into the pool. It has also helped my mental health by giving me the challenge to focus on and spending time out of the house doing something I enjoy.”

Cycling 1000 Miles in May

Dad Phil Maclean cycled a staggering 1000 miles on his bike and raise almost £1,000!

“For someone that has struggled with my mental health at times, I feel this challenge has enabled me to recover some much-needed self-esteem. The support network during the challenge has given me so much confidence; it’s lifted my spirits, which has had a significant impact on me.”


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