Volunteering with Flamingo Chicks was the best decision I ever made at University! The weekly classes never failed to put the biggest smile on my face and I quickly became part of the Flamingo Chicks family. At Flamingo Chicks, you are not just a volunteer you are part of the community and Flamingo Chicks has done so much for me since I started. The amazing and inspiring people I have met, the creativity and enthusiasm that shines through and above all the support that is offered to everyone involved is out of this world.

When I moved back to London and started a full-time job I was unfortunately no longer able to volunteer at classes but have since helped out at some hospice sessions during holidays and weekends which was a whole new experience. I had the privilege of joining Flamingo Chicks at the House of Commons for the launch of their ‘Dad and Me’ report and last summer myself along with another volunteer ran a Flamingo Chicks workshop in Kenya which was absolutely incredible. The wonderful Katie made this possible by sending us many resources which are still being used by the children to this day.

Flamingo Chicks have so much to offer, not only for the children and families but for the whole community and I am so proud to be part of it. There is always something to get involved with no matter your skills. Last year for example I hosted a big afternoon tea party with my friends followed by a walk for the May100 campaign. We had so much fun and raised invaluable funds for the charity, as well as spreading the word.

It’s so inspiring to see how Flamingo Chicks has responded to the COVID-19 crisis by offering so many online resources and support to the families in need. I cannot recommend getting involved with Flamingo Chicks enough, you will not regret it!

All the best,