A vital peer-to-peer support network

Flamingo Chicks is committed to supporting the physical and mental wellbeing of disabled children and their families. Our co-supportive peer-to-peer network is here to welcome you to the Flock!

Below you’ll find links to online resources and activities, in addition to our very own amazing virtual classes, as well as links to practical information and advocacy work that we do.

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Stretch and Breathe

Join Flamingo Chicks for a gentle unwind with our ‘Stretch and Breathe’ sessions for parents and carers. We have created a series of four FREE online sessions to shake-off the day so you feel soothed and supported.

Be guided by Flamingo Chicks Teacher Emily through gentle stretching and relaxation techniques.

Please ensure you’re wearing comfy clothes that allow for stretching and gentle movement and you may want to have a drink of water to hand too. You can access all four sessions using the drop-down below.

Enjoy the sessions? Let us know!

Your feedback is really important and will help us shape future projects – we’d be grateful if you could complete a very short survey.  For every survey completed, Flamingo Chicks will receive a £1 donation* (up to £50). Thank you!

Where to get support and advice

Mums, Dads, Carers – we salute you!  We know just how hard it is to make time for yourself but if you can, do check out our relaxation video for parents/carers – it’s great for restoring a sense of calm. 

We also recognise the toll this challenging time has taken on many of our families and relationships can feel the strain. If you’re going through something like this we wanted you to know that you are not alone and to reassure you that there is great support out there including Relate and Contact A Family (freephone helpline: 0808 808 3555). 

Do check out our advocacy work – particularly our Dad and Me report- and online activities below for activity tips or to find out more about our campaigns to support parents.

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