Award-winning dance classes

Flamingo Chicks’ classes take place across a variety of settings including special schools, community groups and children’s hospices. Classes are based around a core theme that lasts through the term, linked with the National Curriculum, and are intertwined with classical ballet themes and techniques. The classes use a combination of active learning, movement, storytelling, theatre, sensory props  and music to engage children at multiple levels.

A boy in a Flamingo Chicks' tabard smiles to the right and poses with his arms aloft as he enjoys one of our classes

Current classes


Briarwood School, Fishponds, Bristol.  Taught by Sarah. Thursdays at 11am.

New Fosseway School, Bristol. Taught by Ella and Rhiannon. Monday and Tuesday mornings.

Gymboree, Bristol. Taught by Sarah. On hold due to Covid.

Bristol Children’s Hospital. On hold due to Covid.


Mapledown School, London. Taught by Jayne. Wednesdays, 1:50pm.

Oakleigh Primary School, London. Taught by Jayne. Coming soon – Fridays at 2pm.

St. Marylebone Bridge School, London. Taught by Rhiannon. Mondays, 1:50pm.

The Vale School, Haringey, London. Taught by Jayne. Thursdays, 1:30pm.

Woodfield Secondary School, London. Taught by Jayne. Thursdays, 9am.


Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice, South Wales. Taught by Jacs. Wednesdays (Monthly), 11am.

Ty Coryton. Taught by Emily. On hold due to Covid.

Ty Gwyn, Cardiff. Taught by Jacs. On hold due to Covid.


Calderdale Council, Halifax. Taught by Sam. Wednesdays, 4:30pm.

West Oaks School, Leeds. Taught by Matt. On hold due to Covid.

Chellow Heights South, Bradford. Taught by Sam. On hold due to Covid.

Chellow Heights West, Bradford. Taught by Sam. On hold due to Covid.

Interested in a taster session?

If you are looking for a class for your child, we would be happy to offer a taster workshop to their school or a setting they attend, such as a community group. Get in touch with us if their school/ setting is interested. If you are a school or community setting interested in setting up a taster class, get in touch with the team today!
Flamingo Chicks and volunteers pose in front of ballet studio mirrors
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