A special seated virtual class exploring sound, music, movement, and Makaton to celebrate World Space Week.

Join Sam and Dav on a journey across the solar system to learn about all the planets! This free active-learning class is wonderful for supporting children’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing as they learn.

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Two men are seated as they dance and sign in our virtual class. One is signing the letter 'M' for Mars and the the other is playing a guitar. A background of the planet mars is behind them. In the top right hand corner is the word 'Mars'.


This session is a special collaboration with Drake Music, who are leaders in music, disability, and technology. One of our lovely teachers, Sam Stephen, teamed up with Dav Shiel from Drake Music to create it! Here’s some more information on them all:

DRAKE MUSIC are innovators, educators, curators and advocates. They believe that everyone has the right to express themselves creatively through music. They use new technologies and ideas to open up access to music for all. Their vision is a world where disabled and non-disabled musicians work together as equals.  Find out more about them on their website

SAM STEPHEN has extensive experience working in education, particularly in learning and development for children and adults who have severe or complex needs, adverse childhood experiences, and trauma; teaching a combination of dance, acting, and voice. Sam has worked with some of the top theatre schools in the UK. His work as a Makaton Tutor has seen Sam teaching workshops for participants all over the world in places across the UK, India, Qatar, and the UAE. Working from a blueprint of inclusivity, diversity, and equality his practice uses a variety of techniques and methods to create a fully cohesive environment for all. You can find out more about him on our Team pages 

DAV SHIEL is a session drummer with a background in inclusive music-making and education. He has taught Music in SEN/D schools for several years, as well as facilitating inclusive music ensembles aimed at disabled and non-disabled young people and adults, collaborating with orchestras such as London Symphony Orchestra and London Philharmonic Orchestra. Dav is an experienced technologist and has worked as an Associate Musician and Project Manager with Drake Music for several years, delivering on flagship projects including Soundbox in collaboration with LSO and THAMES music service, and OrchLab with the London Philharmonic Orchestra.  Dav is also an endorser of the Sounds of Intent framework of musical development.

Logo for Drake Music - Black and white, D and M as large black letters, with Drake Music written in capitals underneath.
Photo of Sam smiling. He is a white male with short dark hair. He is wearing a Flamingo Chicks t-shirt with a black jacket.
A photo of Dav. He is a white male with shaved hair. He is wearing a black Drake Music t-shirt

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